Second Shooting for Amie Parsons

Yesterday I had a great day and spent the day second shooting a wedding with Amie Parsons photography, I have done several weddings assisting and shooting with Amie in the past as I made the connect with her through my placement year. I am very grateful that Amie keeps asking me back to work alongside her as her second shooter and it feels great knowing she thinks my images are good enough.

Yesterday’s wedding was at Aston Hall and the venue was lovely, and it was the wedding of Jessica and Gavin. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great but that didn’t stop us getting some great images. This wedding was particularly stunning, the effort of the amount of detail that had gone into the decorations made it look perfect.

There hasn’t been a wedding yet where I haven’t learnt something new from Amie, And I feel that my images from this wedding are particularly strong and that I have made a lot of progress since I first started working with Amie.

Me and Amie have done many weddings together now, making the day easier as I know how she shoots the day and I understand when she needs me to assist ad when I know I can second shoot.

My job as the second shooter is to essentially shoot alongside Amie, photographing details, behind the scenes, natural images of guests but also to photograph images similar to her but from different angles. It also gives Amie the reassurance that I am there if there are two things happening at the same time, she can send me to photograph one thing while she does another.

Here are my second shooter images of the lovely day…


A massive thank you to Jessica and Gavin for letting me be part of their day, but also thanks to Amie Parsons for everything you continue to teach me!

Second Shooting for Amie Parsons