This week I have mostly been spending my time sorting things for the exhibition, I had previously spoken about ordering my prints A2 size from the print buro at the university. I was really happy with the quality and size of the prints when I picked them up, there was just one thing wrong with them, they didn’t fit the frames I’d bought!!!! They fit with the mount included with the frames, however, it could off a lot of the image and I really didn’t want to use mounts as I like the images to bleed to the edge of the frame.18309107_1114492165321844_2113331219_n.png

I quickly got into the buro and resolved the problem and re-ordered my images. A hassle but luckily I left myself enough time to resolve any issues like this so I can hang them exactly how I want to.

The buro were so great and even printed them for me that day! Which was a great help.

After receiving the reprinted images I put them in the frames to check I was happy with them (which I was). I then headed to get some brackets that will attach the frames flat to the wall instead of hanging them.

Here are my completed exhibition Prints!


This is them with the flat brackets attached.


Blurb Paper Samples

As I am now coming close to ordering my book, I thought it was important  to test the paper options available before ordering. As I have decided to order from blurb and get it re-bound by Spink and Thackray I ordered my samples from blurb as I have been told by many people that there printing is very high standard.

I have had a good look through the sample pack that gives a good range of samples for all different types of projects. Obviously not all samples suit my book for example the magazine and black and white samples so I put those to one side straight away. I wanted something a little thicker for my book, I’m not keen on a book that is too thin so would like to avoid this where possible.

My two favourite paper types where the ProLine Uncoated and the premium matte paper both at 148 GSM. The papers are both different from one another, the Matte having a slight shine and the Proline having none at all. The pro line felt more card like, Although they are the same GSM they Proline felt thicker, almost textured. The Matte had a create tonal range and the colours and contrast were really good. However the colour of the Proline is an eggshell, which I prefer to the pure white of the matte, making the images more natural looking.


I think that out of the two I prefer the Proline Uncoated, the only thing worrying me is because the paper is uncoated it may make it more likely to tear.

Blurb Paper Samples


Over the past month I have been creating a different dummy book each week, this process has been so so helpful for my project and I can’t imagine feeling as good about my project as I do know without doing this process. Not only that it has enabled me to create a solid edit for my project, something I really struggled with prior to making my dummy books.

My books have changed each week, it first began landscape but soon changed after reflexion, that full page bleed images really don’t work as well with a landscape book as they do with portrait.  I have also changed to software I was using since my first book, I began using lightroom, it is easier to use than InDesign however, this does not mean it is better. Although it is easier and quicker, it does not give you the creative freedom like InDesign does, lightroom restricts you to certain layouts which I do not like.

Tomorrow I will be completing my final dummy book test (hopefully) I now know how I’d like my book and in what sequence. I still have some images to move about, as someone last week said to be the book should be like a piece of music, instead of the images all being same size, same place and same space they should appear in different positions. I also know have the text I am using! So I will be making final Dummy tomorrow with text which I hope will fit well.






Exhibition No.3! 

Exhibition number 3 has come around quickly and from the work I have seen so far the quality in work as improved again. Its really interesting to see how other students work has prpgressed since I last saw it and it has made me excited to see how our final show will come together with all the different types of photography.

Also today we had a exhibition catalogue meeting where we discussed the events in place for more fund raising. There are several events in place and I have volunteered to help at the bake sale next Wednesday.

Things are moving so fast now with only 2 weeks of teaching time left.

If you haplen to be around tomorrow night go have a look at our interm show in the creative arts building!

Exhibition No.3! 

The Start of the Edit!

I have been playing around for a few weeks now with an edit for my Final Major Project, Chan and Alan. Making an edit of work is always the part I find most challenging, even more so this time round as this is the longest time I’ve ever spent on one single project so have a large collection of possible images.

As I have manag2017-03-07ed to get my edit down to around 40 images, I have decided it may be helpful to begin putting them in a sequence to try and help me eliminate any that may or may not be working but also bring any back in that I feel it needs.

I have decided to use lightroom over in design for a change as lightroom has been recommended as the easier programme for creating a book so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

2017-03-07 (1)

The Start of the Edit!

Workshop with Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colour and Books)

As part of innovation week yesterday Sebastiaan Hanekroot came to the university to do a workshop on the essentials for an expressive print which I attended and found very valuable. Sebastian is dedicated to getting the best out of your image after the image has been taken, through post production, printing and the production of your photo book.

“That is what I love, but what is it what I do? I don’t print books. I don’t design them. I don’t bind them. I don’t publish them. I do something else. I make sure that the colour reproductions in books are all you ever wished for. That pictures and colours come to live as vibrant as the originals did. Then again, to achieve that, I have to know everything about printing, designing, binding and publishing books. And I do. Decades of experience in one of Hollands leading printing plants/publisher and decades of working with the most talented graphic designers and accomplished binders guarantee that. ” Sebastiaan Hanekroot taken from 

I decided to take in a new image I had just taken this week of Alan at the arcade in Bridlington. I am happy I decided to use this image after Sebastian’s talk around 15 minutes in I was already looking at the previous edit I had done to the image prior to the workshop. I highlighted to me that, I wasn’t thinking enough about the post production I was doing on these images, I know don’t feel as though I have been putting enough thought and reflexion into the importance of how my images are edited and printed and what a massive difference it can make to my series of images.

Sadie Carter Workshop Image.jpg
My chosen workshop image

Sebastiaan asked some important questions to ask ourselves when we take an image.


What is the essential to you about your image?

I believe the most essential part of this image, in particular, is representing Alan and showing his personality to the audience. I want the image to be fun to look at, the image of Alan makes me smile, and I want it to have that same effect on its audience.

Where should I look? 

The focus of the image should be on Alan, however, I feel that the light of the arcade machine draws the eye to the left side of the image. I didn’t notice this prior t0 seeing the print at the workshop but when looking at the image in print the image looks like two separate images which the line for the arcade machine divides and stands out. Which therefore takes the eye away from Alan.

Does the print best represent my intentions in post production?

Do to Alan not being the main focus point due to the light is distracting some of that attention I feel that this is slightly blocking my intentions that were answered in the first question. However, I believe my colour balance and the way the light falls across alan cheek and down his coat is highlighted well in post production.

What did I want to express?

Fun, Happiness & relationship.

Overall the workshop was very worthwhile, it has made me think and consider the importance of post-production so much more. It has made such an impact on how I am now looking at past images I’ve edited.

Workshop with Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colour and Books)