This week I have mostly been spending my time sorting things for the exhibition, I had previously spoken about ordering my prints A2 size from the print buro at the university. I was really happy with the quality and size of the prints when I picked them up, there was just one thing wrong with them, they didn’t fit the frames I’d bought!!!! They fit with the mount included with the frames, however, it could off a lot of the image and I really didn’t want to use mounts as I like the images to bleed to the edge of the frame.18309107_1114492165321844_2113331219_n.png

I quickly got into the buro and resolved the problem and re-ordered my images. A hassle but luckily I left myself enough time to resolve any issues like this so I can hang them exactly how I want to.

The buro were so great and even printed them for me that day! Which was a great help.

After receiving the reprinted images I put them in the frames to check I was happy with them (which I was). I then headed to get some brackets that will attach the frames flat to the wall instead of hanging them.

Here are my completed exhibition Prints!


This is them with the flat brackets attached.


Fundraising for exhbition Catalogue

Cake Sale!

Yesterday we ran a cake sale in order to help raise funds towards our exhibition catalogue, the day was a big success raising nearly £200! It was good to see people on the course come together as a team and help bake cakes and help make the day a success.

I nice break from uni work for the day!

Fundraising for exhbition Catalogue

Slide Projector Test

I have recently spoken about Alans slides that I looked through with him the other day, since this I have been receiving different opinions as to whether or not to pursue the idea further whether that be on a light box or through a projector.

17548633_1082305041873890_1077332694_oI have decided to use a slide projector alongside my images which I am thinking of having several A4 framed images. I have been in the studio with Jamie today testing out the projectors they have here at uni, which would be much better for me to use one of those as they  weigh a ton! 17571090_1082305025207225_1354809374_o

Jamie also wanted to check that the projector would be safe to use as he said they do have tendencies to start smoking, which I do not want to happen in the middle of the exhibition.

I was really happy with the results and it has made me excited for whats to come, I love the quality ans the colours it shows and it was fasinating to me as I haven’t ever used a slide projector before. There is also a way of making the slides rotate on the own which is essentinal for the exhbition.

The projector holds 80 slides so I will be going to visit Chan and Alan this week to pick out the slides I would like. Overall I am happy that this will be a part of my

Slide Projector Test

Laura Bird – CV Talk

Last week we had an interesting talk from Laura Bird, Laura is so good at making things easy to understand and the standard that is expected in the working world once we leave university. The first thing I thought when hearing about this talk was.. ‘when was the last time I even looked at my CV let alone update it!’. We were acked to bring in a copy og our CV so i spent the night before adding some bits on but also getting rid of any old errelvant jobs to make it more photography focused.


The talk was really helpful, but not only that it also highlighted to me how important it is to keep my CV not only updated but in relvance to the job that I am applying to.

Laura Bird – CV Talk

Exhibition No.3! 

Exhibition number 3 has come around quickly and from the work I have seen so far the quality in work as improved again. Its really interesting to see how other students work has prpgressed since I last saw it and it has made me excited to see how our final show will come together with all the different types of photography.

Also today we had a exhibition catalogue meeting where we discussed the events in place for more fund raising. There are several events in place and I have volunteered to help at the bake sale next Wednesday.

Things are moving so fast now with only 2 weeks of teaching time left.

If you haplen to be around tomorrow night go have a look at our interm show in the creative arts building!

Exhibition No.3! 

Danny Treacy: Talk

Today I was lucky enough to attend a talk by photographer Danny Treacy. I have previously research Danny’s work in the body project during second year and found his project ‘them’ very interesting, so was very happy when I heard he would be giving a talk.


Image from the series ‘them’ – Danny Treacy


His talk was very interesting and Danny discussed his work since studying his MA through to his work or today. Danny began his work with a medium format camera where he found an interest in spaces. Danny would gain access to buildings that were abandoned or that were soon to be demolished however he was not just interested in making images, he was interested in documenting what was happening in that space. When photographing this spaces Danny treats each space like a tomb, he wouldn’t touch or move anything. Danny discussed how he felt privileged to be able to see things no one else had seen.

This then leads Danny’s work that he is most known for, his series of images ‘Them’ where he stepped away from the spaces but instead substituted them for items of clothing he’s found in these buildings. Danny first began setting his camera up on a tripod in the flats and took self-portraits of himself there. However, he soon decided to swap to a studio to bring out more detail and make it less about the space.

“Spaces didn’t need to be seen, they were seen in the clothing” – Danny Treacy

Images from the series ‘them’ – Danny Treacy

I believe that this was not only a brave decision by Danny as he hadn’t done anything like this before but also was a very successful decision after seeing the images of him in the spaces compared to them in the studio. Not only do the details come out but it makes it all about the clothes, the colours against the black background really make his work eye catching. Danny posed the same in each different outfit, he described his pose as ‘dressing up like a crap superhero’.


Them is not me, them is other people” – Danny Treacy

Although’ Them’ was exhibited Danny did not stop there with this fascination with the exploration of the contemporary world and how spaces are constantly shifting and moving. Danny has chosen to carry on within these lines as a collection speaks best, sometimes images speak best in numbers.


Danny Treacy: Talk