Exhibition: Discursive Documents

Print Quality 

Today I have been thinking about different print paper to be considered for the exhibition at the end of the year. Although I am not yet at this stage I am still wanting to begin exploring different possible options that I can use for this, Aswell as looking at where would be best to get my book printed once my edit is complete.

screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-12-44-26We look at a range of different paper types, and i wish to explore this further so have contacted metro print for some paper samples. So I can get an in-depth look into what would best suit my project.

To explore different methods and possiblities for the different techniques I attended the discursive documents exhibition that is currently being shown at Huddersfield Art gallery.

16990330_1057566977681030_1807272486_oThe exhibition had a range of different platforms, video, montage, photo books, prints and framed prints.

It is clear that each work had there pros and cons for there choice of printing and considerations different between the artists budget. Although all the work was very different it all tied together with the idea of the different photographers views of the world that not just shows ‘how things are’ but asks ‘what is possible’.

In regards printing quality i was much more drawn towards the bigger prints. However I
found some of the big framed pieces distracting at times with the reflection of myself in them. Richard Mulhern used a invisible glass in his frame which really made a difference to how I viewed his image compared with the other where n certain light the images were tricky to see.


A lot to think about over the next few months but to begin with I plan on ensuring I get my images down to the best possible edit that I am happy with.







Exhibition: Discursive Documents