This week I have mostly been spending my time sorting things for the exhibition, I had previously spoken about ordering my prints A2 size from the print buro at the university. I was really happy with the quality and size of the prints when I picked them up, there was just one thing wrong with them, they didn’t fit the frames I’d bought!!!! They fit with the mount included with the frames, however, it could off a lot of the image and I really didn’t want to use mounts as I like the images to bleed to the edge of the frame.18309107_1114492165321844_2113331219_n.png

I quickly got into the buro and resolved the problem and re-ordered my images. A hassle but luckily I left myself enough time to resolve any issues like this so I can hang them exactly how I want to.

The buro were so great and even printed them for me that day! Which was a great help.

After receiving the reprinted images I put them in the frames to check I was happy with them (which I was). I then headed to get some brackets that will attach the frames flat to the wall instead of hanging them.

Here are my completed exhibition Prints!


This is them with the flat brackets attached.


Trip to Spinks & Thackery!

I have been abit rubbish last week with blogging! So I’ll blog about my trip to Spinks and Thackery now. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to have my book rebound at spinks, I ‘d heard loads of god reviews about it, the only downside for me was it was in Leeds and I live in Chesterfield. However it was definitely worth the trip, I spoke to the gentleman that worked there and he advised me that the current bind I have was not that bad at all. He also said it was basically to the standard it would be if there were to take it apart and re-bound it. I took some time to decide what to do, should I take his advice or listen to what others had said about the blurb bind.

After awhile of debating..

I decided to take his advice, he was an expert in bookbinding so I listened to him. I left my book to have the text on the cover added on. I went for gold text embedded on my grey cover.

Before                                                                       After

I am really happy with how the text turned out, and I have saved so much money not getting the whole thing rebound. I am happy I can now bin the awful sleeve that the book ordinally came in from blurb.


Overall I am happy with how my book had turned out, It is such a weight off my mind now and I can focus on my exhibition plans! Thanks to spinks and Thackery for the advice.

Trip to Spinks & Thackery!

Not so funny frustration 

After a lovely relaxing break in Wales, I got back today to find that my book had been delivered! It came a little ealier than expected so another plus. 


I have made a hugely annoying error on same of the full bleed pages!! Stupidly there is an annoyinng white edge down the side of the portrait full bleeds. Such an easy thing to avoid so I am extra angry at myself! 

Anyway I have now amended the book and reordered. 

You live and you learn! 

Not so funny frustration 


Over the past month I have been creating a different dummy book each week, this process has been so so helpful for my project and I can’t imagine feeling as good about my project as I do know without doing this process. Not only that it has enabled me to create a solid edit for my project, something I really struggled with prior to making my dummy books.

My books have changed each week, it first began landscape but soon changed after reflexion, that full page bleed images really don’t work as well with a landscape book as they do with portrait.  I have also changed to software I was using since my first book, I began using lightroom, it is easier to use than InDesign however, this does not mean it is better. Although it is easier and quicker, it does not give you the creative freedom like InDesign does, lightroom restricts you to certain layouts which I do not like.

Tomorrow I will be completing my final dummy book test (hopefully) I now know how I’d like my book and in what sequence. I still have some images to move about, as someone last week said to be the book should be like a piece of music, instead of the images all being same size, same place and same space they should appear in different positions. I also know have the text I am using! So I will be making final Dummy tomorrow with text which I hope will fit well.






Exhibition No.3! 

Exhibition number 3 has come around quickly and from the work I have seen so far the quality in work as improved again. Its really interesting to see how other students work has prpgressed since I last saw it and it has made me excited to see how our final show will come together with all the different types of photography.

Also today we had a exhibition catalogue meeting where we discussed the events in place for more fund raising. There are several events in place and I have volunteered to help at the bake sale next Wednesday.

Things are moving so fast now with only 2 weeks of teaching time left.

If you haplen to be around tomorrow night go have a look at our interm show in the creative arts building!

Exhibition No.3! 

So many Slides!

Last night I went for a visit to Chan and Alans, id rang them previously and discussed the possibility of looking into some images Alan used to take when he was more into photography. I thought some of the images Alan 17273173_1070275656410162_155756026_o.pnghad taken would work well with my edit. After a cuppa and a natter, we set in search for the images, Alan had a full trunk full of slides. Now, I am a massive novice when it comes to this kind of stuff, I have only ever had experience with digital photography and had never had a situation where I have needed to know about this sort of stuff.

17269881_1070275586410169_216754376_o.pngWe spent a good few hours rooting through the trunk and found lots of images from various rally car events that alan was into at that time, some family snaps, holidays photos and also some odd ones of organs. Although these images were before he met Chan, I loved looking through them, as it showed a specific time in Alans live, which was very similar to what it is now, exploring shows, travelling, spending time with family. I am keen to explore the slides further, however, there are SO many to go through (around 1,700!). Alan suggested he edit them down as it was a job he has been meaning to do for awhile. So I went away with a few I’d found interesting and have left him to it. If the slides do end up working well with my project I have had several thoughts of things I could do with them possibly in my exhibition. Maybe have them on a projector next to my images, or make a light box where the audience can interact with them.

So many Slides!

Danny Treacy: Talk

Today I was lucky enough to attend a talk by photographer Danny Treacy. I have previously research Danny’s work in the body project during second year and found his project ‘them’ very interesting, so was very happy when I heard he would be giving a talk.


Image from the series ‘them’ – Danny Treacy


His talk was very interesting and Danny discussed his work since studying his MA through to his work or today. Danny began his work with a medium format camera where he found an interest in spaces. Danny would gain access to buildings that were abandoned or that were soon to be demolished however he was not just interested in making images, he was interested in documenting what was happening in that space. When photographing this spaces Danny treats each space like a tomb, he wouldn’t touch or move anything. Danny discussed how he felt privileged to be able to see things no one else had seen.

This then leads Danny’s work that he is most known for, his series of images ‘Them’ where he stepped away from the spaces but instead substituted them for items of clothing he’s found in these buildings. Danny first began setting his camera up on a tripod in the flats and took self-portraits of himself there. However, he soon decided to swap to a studio to bring out more detail and make it less about the space.

“Spaces didn’t need to be seen, they were seen in the clothing” – Danny Treacy

Images from the series ‘them’ – Danny Treacy

I believe that this was not only a brave decision by Danny as he hadn’t done anything like this before but also was a very successful decision after seeing the images of him in the spaces compared to them in the studio. Not only do the details come out but it makes it all about the clothes, the colours against the black background really make his work eye catching. Danny posed the same in each different outfit, he described his pose as ‘dressing up like a crap superhero’.


Them is not me, them is other people” – Danny Treacy

Although’ Them’ was exhibited Danny did not stop there with this fascination with the exploration of the contemporary world and how spaces are constantly shifting and moving. Danny has chosen to carry on within these lines as a collection speaks best, sometimes images speak best in numbers.


Danny Treacy: Talk