Trip to Spinks & Thackery!

I have been abit rubbish last week with blogging! So I’ll blog about my trip to Spinks and Thackery now. A few weeks ago I decided I was going to have my book rebound at spinks, I ‘d heard loads of god reviews about it, the only downside for me was it was in Leeds and I live in Chesterfield. However it was definitely worth the trip, I spoke to the gentleman that worked there and he advised me that the current bind I have was not that bad at all. He also said it was basically to the standard it would be if there were to take it apart and re-bound it. I took some time to decide what to do, should I take his advice or listen to what others had said about the blurb bind.

After awhile of debating..

I decided to take his advice, he was an expert in bookbinding so I listened to him. I left my book to have the text on the cover added on. I went for gold text embedded on my grey cover.

Before                                                                       After

I am really happy with how the text turned out, and I have saved so much money not getting the whole thing rebound. I am happy I can now bin the awful sleeve that the book ordinally came in from blurb.


Overall I am happy with how my book had turned out, It is such a weight off my mind now and I can focus on my exhibition plans! Thanks to spinks and Thackery for the advice.

Trip to Spinks & Thackery!

Wedding Album!

My sample portfolio wedding album came and I am so happy with it. The album is really nice and chunky and the pages are really thick meaning it will last forever. The quality of print is great and it has printed with everything exactly how I made it. The album also comes in its own bag and then in a protective box. The whole album looks very professional and it is just what I wanted. I ordered the leather cover as, well I like leather covers really but also I think it will be popular with couples too. Here are some pictures of the album, but they really don’t do it justice!

Sim Imaging

After a lot of shopping around, I chose sim imaging to use as my regular album supplier. Sim imaging are really great for allowing you to co2017-04-20 (7)mpletely customise your products and make them completely unique, which I feel is so important when creating different wedding albums, as each wedding and each client is different.

I now am able to let couple choose exactly how they would like their album, not only that, it allows me to be creative too. Sim imaging has software that you can download on your comput2017-04-20 (8)er which it essentially a completely blank canvas, allowing me to be as creative as I want to be.

However this will still be to what the client has chosen, although I will the one designing and making the album, sim imaging lets you customise every part of the album and also lets you order duplicate smaller albums for other family members.

Overall I am so happy with my sample album, I already have clients that have enquired about albums so I am looking for to showing it off and getting some orders in.

Wedding Album!

My own portable studio!

I am so happy to now say I have expanded my portraiture services and have now got the facilities to offer studio sessions for children. This is a massive step for me, as in the past I have always had to do my portrait and family shoots outdoors, so it is so nice now to have the option to offer my clients a studio shoot as well.

This is just the beginning for me, I wish to expand this further by adding more option of backdrops, props and also wish to attend newborn photography courses as I think the mobile service would appeal to new parents who would prefer me to come to the comfort of their own home.

The response for this on social media so far has been great and I have gotten more traffic on my website and new likes and shares on my business facebook page.

My own portable studio!

Website update


Today I sat at my desk with every intention of organising myself for everything that has to be done over the coming week with ordering my book and organising prints for exhibition. None of that went to plan.. I got carried away updating my website, which then took all day… Ooops!

However, It did need doing! I have had an incomplete about me page for about 6 months now so am glad I finally got that completed even though I hate writing about myself. I think it’s about up to date now, however, I will have some more work to do on it once I receive my wedding album in order to try and promote them.

Although it’s not what I had planned for today, still a productive day!

To view my website click on the link

2017-03-30 (3).png

Website update

A looooong Day

Today I have been working on my wedding album portfolio, over the past few weeks I have been busy going through my past weddings and choosing my best images to create a portfolio. This portfolio will not just be used to showcase my work, but also to try and sell wedding albums that I will be adding to one of my wedding packages once it is complete. The album is a start for getting together my work for wedding fayres that I will soon be attending.

When beginning the editing process for my portfolio I underestimated how big of a work this would be. I need to get the album perfect and pick images that i hopefully won’t look at and hate in a few months time. 

I am using a software called simwire through sim imagaing. They offered me 40% off my first portfolio album which is really helpful as they aren’t cheap. Anyway 12 hours on the computer today and here are a few sample pages….. 

I’m going to look at it again with fresh eyes in the morning and hopefully will be ordering this weekend! 

If you’re interested in using sim imaging here is their website

A looooong Day