Blurb Paper Samples

As I am now coming close to ordering my book, I thought it was important  to test the paper options available before ordering. As I have decided to order from blurb and get it re-bound by Spink and Thackray I ordered my samples from blurb as I have been told by many people that there printing is very high standard.

I have had a good look through the sample pack that gives a good range of samples for all different types of projects. Obviously not all samples suit my book for example the magazine and black and white samples so I put those to one side straight away. I wanted something a little thicker for my book, I’m not keen on a book that is too thin so would like to avoid this where possible.

My two favourite paper types where the ProLine Uncoated and the premium matte paper both at 148 GSM. The papers are both different from one another, the Matte having a slight shine and the Proline having none at all. The pro line felt more card like, Although they are the same GSM they Proline felt thicker, almost textured. The Matte had a create tonal range and the colours and contrast were really good. However the colour of the Proline is an eggshell, which I prefer to the pure white of the matte, making the images more natural looking.


I think that out of the two I prefer the Proline Uncoated, the only thing worrying me is because the paper is uncoated it may make it more likely to tear.

Blurb Paper Samples