Workers Memorial Day – Photography Event

Last week I got the chance to partake in something a little different, I was recently approached by a company called ‘TRUST’ who work with Raising awareness about the need for strong health and safety laws within workers rights. This event was to raise awareness for International Workers’ Memorial Day.

I was asked to photograph the event at the ATU shopping centre Derby, the trust had a large scale 3d print that the public could interact with and post images on social media to help raise awareness. It attracted a lot of attention from the public which was great! I was asked to do a few hours photography to document the day so the images can be used on their facebook page, magazine and their newsletter.

I had a great day and loved doing something different, it was also nice to meet so many lovely people that work for the trust. I have been asked to work on future events for the trust, and have been booked in for the next one in July. I look forward to working for them again.

Here are some of the images from the day:

Workers Memorial Day – Photography Event


This week I have mostly been spending my time sorting things for the exhibition, I had previously spoken about ordering my prints A2 size from the print buro at the university. I was really happy with the quality and size of the prints when I picked them up, there was just one thing wrong with them, they didn’t fit the frames I’d bought!!!! They fit with the mount included with the frames, however, it could off a lot of the image and I really didn’t want to use mounts as I like the images to bleed to the edge of the frame.18309107_1114492165321844_2113331219_n.png

I quickly got into the buro and resolved the problem and re-ordered my images. A hassle but luckily I left myself enough time to resolve any issues like this so I can hang them exactly how I want to.

The buro were so great and even printed them for me that day! Which was a great help.

After receiving the reprinted images I put them in the frames to check I was happy with them (which I was). I then headed to get some brackets that will attach the frames flat to the wall instead of hanging them.

Here are my completed exhibition Prints!


This is them with the flat brackets attached.


Photographers Guild Monthly Competition

I am in alot of social media groups where alot of photographers who freelance to the type of photography I do chat and post images in these groups for advice and feedback. A few months ago alot of professionals started posting that they had won different awards from ‘the Photographers Guild’ so I explored what this was as so many seemed to be successful, I thought it would be great for me to enter some of my work.


The Guild has so many different categories of photography that you can enter your work in. Alot of them aimed at the type of images I make, there is



















There really is something for everyone with this organisation. The competition has such a variety, I think it’s great. However, the best thing about the photographers guild is the training courses you also get a discount off if you join. As well as the competitions there is also a great variety of different courses, I am always looking for different courses I could possibly go on post-university, I am interested in attending some newborn photography courses.

Photographers Guild Monthly Competition

Wedding Album!

My sample portfolio wedding album came and I am so happy with it. The album is really nice and chunky and the pages are really thick meaning it will last forever. The quality of print is great and it has printed with everything exactly how I made it. The album also comes in its own bag and then in a protective box. The whole album looks very professional and it is just what I wanted. I ordered the leather cover as, well I like leather covers really but also I think it will be popular with couples too. Here are some pictures of the album, but they really don’t do it justice!

Sim Imaging

After a lot of shopping around, I chose sim imaging to use as my regular album supplier. Sim imaging are really great for allowing you to co2017-04-20 (7)mpletely customise your products and make them completely unique, which I feel is so important when creating different wedding albums, as each wedding and each client is different.

I now am able to let couple choose exactly how they would like their album, not only that, it allows me to be creative too. Sim imaging has software that you can download on your comput2017-04-20 (8)er which it essentially a completely blank canvas, allowing me to be as creative as I want to be.

However this will still be to what the client has chosen, although I will the one designing and making the album, sim imaging lets you customise every part of the album and also lets you order duplicate smaller albums for other family members.

Overall I am so happy with my sample album, I already have clients that have enquired about albums so I am looking for to showing it off and getting some orders in.

Wedding Album!