Blurb Paper Samples

As I am now coming close to ordering my book, I thought it was important  to test the paper options available before ordering. As I have decided to order from blurb and get it re-bound by Spink and Thackray I ordered my samples from blurb as I have been told by many people that there printing is very high standard.

I have had a good look through the sample pack that gives a good range of samples for all different types of projects. Obviously not all samples suit my book for example the magazine and black and white samples so I put those to one side straight away. I wanted something a little thicker for my book, I’m not keen on a book that is too thin so would like to avoid this where possible.

My two favourite paper types where the ProLine Uncoated and the premium matte paper both at 148 GSM. The papers are both different from one another, the Matte having a slight shine and the Proline having none at all. The pro line felt more card like, Although they are the same GSM they Proline felt thicker, almost textured. The Matte had a create tonal range and the colours and contrast were really good. However the colour of the Proline is an eggshell, which I prefer to the pure white of the matte, making the images more natural looking.


I think that out of the two I prefer the Proline Uncoated, the only thing worrying me is because the paper is uncoated it may make it more likely to tear.

Blurb Paper Samples

Fundraising for exhbition Catalogue

Cake Sale!

Yesterday we ran a cake sale in order to help raise funds towards our exhibition catalogue, the day was a big success raising nearly £200! It was good to see people on the course come together as a team and help bake cakes and help make the day a success.

I nice break from uni work for the day!

Fundraising for exhbition Catalogue

Slide Projector Test

I have recently spoken about Alans slides that I looked through with him the other day, since this I have been receiving different opinions as to whether or not to pursue the idea further whether that be on a light box or through a projector.

17548633_1082305041873890_1077332694_oI have decided to use a slide projector alongside my images which I am thinking of having several A4 framed images. I have been in the studio with Jamie today testing out the projectors they have here at uni, which would be much better for me to use one of those as they  weigh a ton! 17571090_1082305025207225_1354809374_o

Jamie also wanted to check that the projector would be safe to use as he said they do have tendencies to start smoking, which I do not want to happen in the middle of the exhibition.

I was really happy with the results and it has made me excited for whats to come, I love the quality ans the colours it shows and it was fasinating to me as I haven’t ever used a slide projector before. There is also a way of making the slides rotate on the own which is essentinal for the exhbition.

The projector holds 80 slides so I will be going to visit Chan and Alan this week to pick out the slides I would like. Overall I am happy that this will be a part of my

Slide Projector Test

Exhibition No.3! 

Exhibition number 3 has come around quickly and from the work I have seen so far the quality in work as improved again. Its really interesting to see how other students work has prpgressed since I last saw it and it has made me excited to see how our final show will come together with all the different types of photography.

Also today we had a exhibition catalogue meeting where we discussed the events in place for more fund raising. There are several events in place and I have volunteered to help at the bake sale next Wednesday.

Things are moving so fast now with only 2 weeks of teaching time left.

If you haplen to be around tomorrow night go have a look at our interm show in the creative arts building!

Exhibition No.3! 

Exhibition: Discursive Documents

Print Quality 

Today I have been thinking about different print paper to be considered for the exhibition at the end of the year. Although I am not yet at this stage I am still wanting to begin exploring different possible options that I can use for this, Aswell as looking at where would be best to get my book printed once my edit is complete.

screen-shot-2017-02-27-at-12-44-26We look at a range of different paper types, and i wish to explore this further so have contacted metro print for some paper samples. So I can get an in-depth look into what would best suit my project.

To explore different methods and possiblities for the different techniques I attended the discursive documents exhibition that is currently being shown at Huddersfield Art gallery.

16990330_1057566977681030_1807272486_oThe exhibition had a range of different platforms, video, montage, photo books, prints and framed prints.

It is clear that each work had there pros and cons for there choice of printing and considerations different between the artists budget. Although all the work was very different it all tied together with the idea of the different photographers views of the world that not just shows ‘how things are’ but asks ‘what is possible’.

In regards printing quality i was much more drawn towards the bigger prints. However I
found some of the big framed pieces distracting at times with the reflection of myself in them. Richard Mulhern used a invisible glass in his frame which really made a difference to how I viewed his image compared with the other where n certain light the images were tricky to see.


A lot to think about over the next few months but to begin with I plan on ensuring I get my images down to the best possible edit that I am happy with.







Exhibition: Discursive Documents