Workers Memorial Day – Photography Event

Last week I got the chance to partake in something a little different, I was recently approached by a company called ‘TRUST’ who work with Raising awareness about the need for strong health and safety laws within workers rights. This event was to raise awareness for International Workers’ Memorial Day.

I was asked to photograph the event at the ATU shopping centre Derby, the trust had a large scale 3d print that the public could interact with and post images on social media to help raise awareness. It attracted a lot of attention from the public which was great! I was asked to do a few hours photography to document the day so the images can be used on their facebook page, magazine and their newsletter.

I had a great day and loved doing something different, it was also nice to meet so many lovely people that work for the trust. I have been asked to work on future events for the trust, and have been booked in for the next one in July. I look forward to working for them again.

Here are some of the images from the day:

Workers Memorial Day – Photography Event

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