Show Plan!

Awhile back I made a draft template of how to exhibit my work at the final show in June. I have received so many mixed feeling about how I should do it and lots of different guidance on what would be best for my project imparticular.

At the last interm show I wasn’t happy with how my work looked on the board at all. I chose the wrong images that told a completely different story to what I was trying to tell. I chose the wrong images and hung it completely the wrong order. Anyway, I have different feedback since then, some saying I should really go for it, different sized images, walls transfers and my slide projector I’m using. Whereas others say, strip it back, a few framed images and the slide projector.

Since then I have created 2 plans, I made them both awhile back and have been pretty reluctant to make a decision. Today I have decided to go for plan B, I don’t want to really over crown my board, I want my images to have space around them and be more appreciated as individual images as well as a whole series.

show template

I decided to go for Plan B as I think the sequencing of images work well with my book, It goes from Alans slides from before he met chan to there live at home, and then them happily riding off at the end. I am planning on having the images A2 and in frames. I am unsure on paper types at the minute but am going to the print buro today and tomorrow to look at samples and also look at the samples I have already ordered from them.


Its hard to tell from the images posted above but semi gloss has the best colour and finish to the paper, this is the paper I would have chosen if I wasn’t going to be framing my images.

Show Plan!

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