Over the past month I have been creating a different dummy book each week, this process has been so so helpful for my project and I can’t imagine feeling as good about my project as I do know without doing this process. Not only that it has enabled me to create a solid edit for my project, something I really struggled with prior to making my dummy books.

My books have changed each week, it first began landscape but soon changed after reflexion, that full page bleed images really don’t work as well with a landscape book as they do with portrait.  I have also changed to software I was using since my first book, I began using lightroom, it is easier to use than InDesign however, this does not mean it is better. Although it is easier and quicker, it does not give you the creative freedom like InDesign does, lightroom restricts you to certain layouts which I do not like.

Tomorrow I will be completing my final dummy book test (hopefully) I now know how I’d like my book and in what sequence. I still have some images to move about, as someone last week said to be the book should be like a piece of music, instead of the images all being same size, same place and same space they should appear in different positions. I also know have the text I am using! So I will be making final Dummy tomorrow with text which I hope will fit well.






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