So many Slides!

Last night I went for a visit to Chan and Alans, id rang them previously and discussed the possibility of looking into some images Alan used to take when he was more into photography. I thought some of the images Alan 17273173_1070275656410162_155756026_o.pnghad taken would work well with my edit. After a cuppa and a natter, we set in search for the images, Alan had a full trunk full of slides. Now, I am a massive novice when it comes to this kind of stuff, I have only ever had experience with digital photography and had never had a situation where I have needed to know about this sort of stuff.

17269881_1070275586410169_216754376_o.pngWe spent a good few hours rooting through the trunk and found lots of images from various rally car events that alan was into at that time, some family snaps, holidays photos and also some odd ones of organs. Although these images were before he met Chan, I loved looking through them, as it showed a specific time in Alans live, which was very similar to what it is now, exploring shows, travelling, spending time with family. I am keen to explore the slides further, however, there are SO many to go through (around 1,700!). Alan suggested he edit them down as it was a job he has been meaning to do for awhile. So I went away with a few I’d found interesting and have left him to it. If the slides do end up working well with my project I have had several thoughts of things I could do with them possibly in my exhibition. Maybe have them on a projector next to my images, or make a light box where the audience can interact with them.

So many Slides!

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