Exhbition no.2!

Working title: Chan & Alan

Sadie Carter

Working Title: Chan & Alan

Interm show number 2 was along similar lines as show 1, however we were able to decide how many image we wanted to show as a work in progress for our project so far. I decided to choose three images I thought reflected my best images so far, images I am most happy with.

“A series of photographs made to document my boyfriend’s grandparents Chan & Alan, living in Chesterfield. An elderly couple suffering with health problems, trying to come to terms with the cycle of growing old and giving up the things in life that they enjoy. Chan tours shows nationwide, demonstrating spinning hair from various animals and Alan plays his hand turned organ at more local events. Documenting family, relationship, individuality, and a life of not caring what people think about you.  While documenting this year, Chan and Alan have had to relocate to a bungalow due to mobility and health issues, this is a massive deal to them and the family as they have lived in this house together for 30 years. It is a life of working through retirement, demonstrating dedication to the hobbies they enjoy and to each other”

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Exhbition no.2!