Trip to France

So I was lucky enough to be able to join Chan and Alan on holiday to France for a week. I thought this was a really great idea to get to knkw and understand them for a full week straight living together and also going on days out.

The trip highlighted to me just how much the both of them are struggling with there health. The trip there alone meant they had to rest up fot the first few days we were there. 

While away they both decided that this would have to be there last holiday aboard, as it was to much for them. This is very sad as this is there favourite place to come and tbey have been going there for many years on holiday together. I was so glad i got to spend there final trip with them. 

Due to libing with them for a week I was able to photograph them all times of the day. And also see them just being them. 

It was an emotional trip, especially for Alan, the cryer, the images i have attched are images of Alan who walked all the way to the sea to fetch Chan some cockels (her favourite) this was very significant as he never walks anywhere anymore without the help of his scooter. At first we wondered what he was doing so i followed him down to the sea to find him getting upset that it was the last time he would be at that beach. 

Im so happy I caught this moment on camera, even it doesn’t fit in with my final project at the end I will still treasure these images. However I hope they work as I am feeling pleased with them and they show a different side to Alan. 

Trip to France

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