Shoot 1; Hasland Gala

So over summer and during the last few months I have really got stuck into photographing Chan and Alan. I have now done three seperate shoots. My first shoot was at Hasland Gala where they take thier organ “vanessa” (named after there daughter that sadly died in a motorbike accident) and perform at the gala. Hasland is the village they have both always lived so they always love being apart of the gala, and I can’t imagine attending without them there. 

At the gala they attracted all different age groups that came and listened or some public just walking straight past. The organ is Alans “thing” however he gets very tierd meaning Chan playing the organ maybe more than him so he can have a rest. 

I stuggled with framing during this shoot, i needed a wider lense as i struggled getting the shot i wanted of alan sat watching Chan play. Also they were in a really small space backed onto a building meaning I could’nt shoot the DOF I wanted. I started the shoot how I intend to shoot the whole of my project, very straight , no instutions or anything . I want them to forget im ever there, to get them as natural as possible. I feel this went well, they were busy playing and chatting to passers by meaning I could really get stuck in. 

Due to the wall behind them in the images the brick wall is very dominating I find. However I still feel I managed to capture them, just being them enjoying playing the organ.

Shoot 1; Hasland Gala

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