FAKING IT: Manipulated photpgraphy before photoshop

First impressions of the first few chapters

Mia Freemon poses the important question; “How has digital technology, particually photoshop changed photographys relationship to truth?

After many years of research he answer in short is “not as much as one might think

Modifing camera images are as old as photography itself”

Today Digital Manipulation can be found;

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Art & Commercial
  • Police Work
  • Medical Imagery
  • Vacation Snapshots
  • Weddings
  • New Babies
  • Graduations
  • Social media websites

The Benefits of Digital;

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Harder to detect
  • More Accesible

I am glad Mia is mentioning the use of manipulation is many different types of photography. During my placement year working in a portrait and wedding studio editing images of babies, children, adults and weddings was a normal part of my everyday work. At the start of placement i was shown how my employer wanted her images to be edited. No blenishes, smoothie skin, no bags under eyes, perfect background and crop, correct exposure. I feel now that I feel it would be benefical for me to question my employer as to why exactly she does this to all her images, like every other portrait and wedding photographer out there? Is this just the norm of today? Is it a service that is expected by the client?

“All these process’s together the history of photography as a medium of fabricated truth and artful lies”

Mia poses some interesting questions so far and I am interested in discovering how we got to these expections we have today and also why do we do it?

FAKING IT: Manipulated photpgraphy before photoshop

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