The Beginning Of my FMP

Chan & Alan ( Name of project not yet decided ) 

So,this is the new subject for my final major project that I have been keen to work on throughout my placement year. During my 2nd year of university I photographed my partners grandparents, Chan and Alan. The main outcome of the project was to create a book, so I decided to document Chan and Alan and their hobbies. Chan makes hair bears ( Spun dog hair into a bear ) and Alan plays the organ at shows and events. Chan and Alan are so passionate about what they do, I love watching them at shows, I love seeing peoples reactions and amazement to Chan spinning dog hair. I love watching them continue to make themselves happy through these unique past times. They are undoubtedly the busies retired people I know, and the most interesting.

So my 2nd year photo book resulted in being mostly about there hobbies, I made it less out them themselves and more about there unique skills and hobbies. However I feel this is only the beginning to Chan and Alan. Both of them really struggle with their health, particularly Alan. The shows are getting harder and harder for them to attend, but the thought of stopping is heart breaking for the both of them.

Second Year Book ( Some of ) 

This year is also a significant one of them and also us as a family, Chan and Alan having to move house into a bungalow this meaning them moving out of the village were we all live, and not walking past Nana and Grandads everyday and working straight into there always left open door. They have lived in the same house for 30+ years, Alan has lived on this same street his whole life.

I also wanted to do documentary for my final project as a student, as this is my favorite area. While photographing Chan and Alan I want to make the images a true depiction of them, I am not going to communicate with them at all, I want to document everything exactly how it is happening.

I will be posting some of my test shoot images in a few days, at the moment my project is very broad so I will need feedback from my lecturers and class mates of how and where they feel my project is going.

Over the next few days I will also be studying for my Dissertation, aswell as researching any relevant practitioners to my project to get inspiration.


The Beginning Of my FMP


Hello, This Blog will be the backbone of my final year of Photography at Huddersfield University where I will be making posts regarding my research and development throughout my Final Major Project and Dissertation.

I have just completed my first few days back at University after taking part in a year long placement year with Amie Parsons Photography. Since completing my placement year my photography has become much more focused on the commercial side, Portraits and weddings. I have also started up my own Freelance photography in these areas mainly including Dog portraits which I love and am passionate about furthering this into a business after completing my final year of university.

Not only has placement given me an aim, It has also gained more confidence technically. Looking back at old work I did in my other years at University has made me realize this, there are so many aspects I would either change or do differently. This mainly being technical, but also the quality of the work and the effort I put into that work.

 I am hoping that regularly updating my blog will help me build more of a client base where people can always see what I am up to with my work.